Monday, April 4, 2011

Bob Parsons you are a fucking idiot.

The CEO of Go Daddy (dot) com shot and killed an elephant. In an interview on CNN he stated that he was helping the tribes and the people of that country with an "out of control elephant", one who was destroying crops and threatening others. He say he was asked by the tribe to kill this elephant. He went on to say that by doing so he helped feed the tribes, saved these crops, and did all a huge favor. OK....based on that alone, he is back pedaling and making himself look like a martyr! Tribes have survived thousands of years with "out of control" animals. What he fails to mention is that he went there with the sole purpose to kill animals..a hunting safari ....He didn't just happen to be there, and jump into action to save these crops and tribes and heroically kill this elephant! Call it what it is Mr. went there for the sole purpose to be a hunter and to kill. So since you seem to believe its OK to kill, injure or stop helpless show also agree that its OK if me and millions of others in this world injure, stop, and put an end to your business.